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Dmitry A. Kuminov (dmik-qt at -- porting the Qt Library to OS/2, project maintainance.


We are very thankful to Trolltech AS for creating one of the best C++ crossplatform GUI frameworks and for their decision to make the Qt Toolkit an open source product.

Many thanks to Norman ASA for letting us release the OS/2 version of the Qt Toolkit under the GNU GPL, that made it available to the OS/2 community.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Qt Toolkit source code

Copyright (C) 1992-2003 Trolltech AS. All rights reserved.

OS/2-related Qt sources and tools

Copyright (C) 2004 Norman ASA. Initial OS/2 Port. Copyright (C) 2005 Further OS/2 Development.

Third party sources included in the distribution carry their own copyright statements.


Qt is a trademark of Trolltech AS.

OS/2 is a trademark of IBM Corp.

eComStation is a trademark of Serenity Systems.

All other products named in this documentation are trademarks of their respective owners.